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Rich is an excellent driving instructor. His knowledge of driving and the area in and around Chippenham is exceptional. He is patient, friendly and always explains things in a way which is easy to understand. I am quite an anxious person so really struggled with nerves leading up to my test but Rich was always very supportive and encouraging, so when it came to test day I felt at ease. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to learn to drive.


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Rich is a brilliant driving instructor. He is really kind, calm and knows exactly how to explain things in a way which is really easy to understand. I would definitely recommend him to anyone learning to drive!


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Richard was a great driving instructor. He was very patient with me and there was never too many questions! I passed on my second go and I will definitely be going back to Richard for some motorway lessons! Thankyou for helping pass my test.


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Thanks to Richard I passed my driving test first time with 0 faults. He is an excellent driving instructor, very thorough, knowledgeable and calm. Would definitely recommend him.


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Rich was a brilliant driving instructor - he was very patient and explained everything really clearly. He knows Chippenham inside and out, so I was more than prepared for any route I could have been taken on for my test. My confidence massively improved because of his teaching, and Iíd recommend him to anyone looking for lessons.


Richard is really patient, funny and knowledgeable. He tailors each lesson carefully to what you need so that you can make quick progress in a short time. Both my sister and I learnt with Richard and we passed first time. I found that I had no nerves when it came to the test because Richard had shown me most of the test routes around Chippenham and explained the common mistakes people make. He was also really helpful in working around my free periods at school as well as fitting in extra lessons in the holidays.


Rich was the best instructor I could have asked for. He went out his way to make himself available for last minute tests and was very flexible with lessons given the pandemic. He always makes you feel comfortable and tailors the lessons to your needs.


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Richard is a very calm and informative driving instructor, he has taught me to drive through lockdown when regulations allowed it which has been sometimes very challenging. He went out of his way to make himself available when driving tests were being cancelled and rescheduled at very short notice, and I cannot thank him enough. All the best Rich.


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Richard was an amazing driving instructor. After already having a few lessons before with a previous instructor he tailored my lessons to suit my ability. He is incredibly calm and friendly which makes you feel at ease straight away. Very good for the nervous driver! I 100% recommend.


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Rich is a fantastic instructor, he is patient, calm and friendly and always made me feel comfortable and able to learn at my own pace. He has always been flexible with booking my lessons around other commitments and has been great keeping me updated with any changes to my lessons during the current Covid-19 situation.

He is a friendly and patient instructor who I would certainly recommend to anyone looking to learn to drive in the area. Thank you Richard!


Richard is an excellent instructor who guided me to pass my driving test first time with no faults (something I thought would be extremely unlikely). He was very flexible when booking lessons and especially adapted brilliantly to the conditions during the pandemic.

I have really enjoyed learning to drive with Rich and have just passed my test first time, with only 2 minors. I would highly recommend Dual Driving to anyone, thank you very much Rich.


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Richard is a great instructor. I enjoyed and felt very comfortable during all my lessons- he is relaxed but knows exactly what needs to be done to increase your confidence and pass your test. Would recommend to anyone learning to drive. Thank you so much Richard!


Richard is kind, friendly and comes across as a very experienced instructor. Lessons are always based on improvement and moving on to the next level at your own pace to achieve the best progress. He incorporates driving theory with practical driving which I found key to my understanding. Iím delighted to say with Richardís support and excellent teaching I gained confidence in driving and passed first time! I wouldnít have been able to do so without him and for this I am truly grateful. I highly recommend!


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Richard is a very calm, experienced and patient driving instructor who has helped me learn to drive and develop my driving skills. I took a while to pass my driving test but would never have done it without the honest, helpful and practical help which Richard has given me. Would 100% recommend him to anyone learning to drive. Thanks Richard!


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Rich was flexible at fitting my lessons around my life and work (I was living between Reading and Chippenham) and patient with me throughout. Driving didnít come naturally to me but, with Rich's perseverance, I passed third time (with zero faults!) and now feel confident behind the wheel. Rich is an honest and diligent instructor and I would recommend him wholeheartedly.


Managed to pass my driving test first time thanks to Richard. I started learning with him having no previous experience and didnít do any other driving besides the lessons I had with him. The lessons were always relaxed and everything was explained thoroughly. It was an absolute pleasure learning to drive with Richard, couldnít have done it without him and would recommend him to anyone wanting to pass their test.


Richard is a kind person who made me feel at ease and built my confidence during each lesson. Passing my test today would not have been possible without Richard. He is a very professional and knowledgable instructor who is always reliable, relaxed and fun! I would definitely recommend Richard to anyone who wants to learn to drive.


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I would 100% recommend Rich as a driving instructor he is patient, dedicated and knowledgeable driving instructor. Any questions I had he would happily answer and made me feel very comfortable behind the wheel and made everything really simple.

Thanks again for your help.


Was very pleased to see myself passing test today and it would not have been possible if it wasnít for Richard teaching me! Rich is a very calm, knowledgable and polite instructor who has had many years experience of teaching new drivers-the perfect requirements for a good driving instructor. Would 100% recommend to any of my friends looking to start driving!

Thank you very much Richard :)))


I would 100% recommend Rich as a driving instructor, he will teach you all the principles of driving a car and make you completely aware of what you need to know. Any questions heíll be more than happy to answer, and made me feel comfortable whilst learning; he pushed me to progress but in my own time when I felt happy to do so. Thank you again for all your help!


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It hasn't sunk in yet but I passed my driving test first time round, which if I'm being honest never thought I would do. I would recommend Richard as a driving instructor to anyone I know. He is very calm and patient which puts you at ease when your making such a big step in life. I will definitely be doing some motorway lesson with Rich once I've got used to my car. Thankyou for putting up with my for the last 5 months, I am extremely grateful.


Richard is a very professional and knowledgeable instructor. His easy-going and friendly approach made me feel at ease throughout our lessons. I had passed my test in an automatic car and had been driving for three years prior to my lessons with Richard, I wanted to upgrade my license so that I was able to drive manual vehicles, Richard was understanding of my personal needs and tailored the lessons to areas that I felt less confident in. He always insured that I felt confident and let me practice manoeuvres as many times as I felt I needed to. I found Richard very easy to talk to and I thoroughly enjoyed our lessons. Thanks to Richard I passed and I would highly recommend him to anyone! Thanks again Rich for boosting my confidence!


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Rich is a very patient, dedicated and knowledgable driving instructor. During lessons, we learnt at my pace and no question was a silly one which made me feel comfortable and at ease. As well as covering all the fundamentals of driving and preparing for the test, Rich supported me in focusing on areas I found particularly difficult - I was really nervous and he helped to build that confidence. Even now I have passed, if I have had any concerns about new experiences on the road, Rich has been available to give me great advice. I would absolutely recommend Rich. Couldnít thank him enough!


Rich is a very professional and knowledgable instructor and allowed me to develop my skills throughout my time being taught by him. This continuous support and guidance led me to achieve a first time pass with zero minors. I would highly recommend him as an instructor to anyone learning at any stage of driving.


Richard's methodical, practical and patient approach meant I really understood what my strengths and weaknesses were when driving. I could see improvement every lesson, and I was confident we had covered all bases when it was time for me to take my test. Most of all, Richard's polite, funny and down to earth manner made every lesson an absolute pleasure.


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A family member recommended Dual Driving School. Rich was calm, patient approachable and friendly but best of all Professional. Every lesson was tailored to my needs and really built my confidence. He kept records of what I had done and what needed work, which helped as previous instructors just said weíre going for ANOTHER drive. Rich's knowledge and passion really showed when I asked questions and on the test routes. I learned at my own pace in a calm environment not forgetting great value for money and time spent learning with Rich.

I passed and owe all the credit to Rich, heís a great instructor. I would highly recommend.


Having driven a car for close to 20 years on my national license, I had to get a full UK one to continue driving in England beyond the first year of living here. I was extremely lucky to find exactly what I needed in DUAL driving school. Richard was able to explain in almost no time at all what are the peculiarities of driving and in particular of driving tests in UK and to correct everything that needed to be corrected in my driving habits. After only a few hours of driving with Richard, I was able to pass the driving test first time with only 3 minors, which was much better than I ever wished for. It was a great pleasure practising with him, and I highly recommend his driving school to anyone, not just someone looking to swap an international license for a UK one.


I would definitely recommend Dual Driving School to any learner driver. I passed first time with Rich's help. He always made me feel comfortable behind the wheel and made everything appear really simple. His knowledge of the test and what is expected made it a lot easier and made me much more relaxed on the day. Rich is always very calm and patient.

Thank you for all your help Rich!


Rich is a very friendly and approachable instructor - I felt supported throughout the whole process. He would always answer any questions I had, and never made me feel bad if I made mistakes Ė it truly just felt part of the learning process! I was able to progress at my own pace, gaining confidence in a particular technique before moving on to something new. Rich has a really good knowledge of test routes and exactly what examiners are looking for, which really helped during the test!

I would recommend Dual Driving to anyone, I really enjoyed learning to drive! Thank you Rich - Pass Plus next!


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I passed first time thanks to Rich! My lessons were relaxed which made my experience with Rich great, he made me feel confident when I was behind the wheel and to ask any questions about anything. The lessons were tailored to suit my needs and what I wanted to focus on with resources I was able to take home and look back on. Rich's knowledge of the test and routes and driving in general are super and really paid off in my test. I can't thank Rich enough for his help and patience when teaching me to drive. I would 100% recommend to anyone learning to drive.


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I passed first time thanks to the lessons with Rich. I used the 20 hour package and it was the perfect amount for me. Richís knowledge of the test routes and the common pitfalls of each one helped me to be confident on my test as it was a route Rich had taught me. Rich kept a record of the content covered in each lesson which enabled me to improve quickly and identify the next areas I needed to cover to avoid unnecessary repetition.

Rich was very accommodating and after initial lessons in his car, I began the lessons in my own car as I wanted to get more confident in it. Iíd definitely recommend DUAL Driving School!


Before taking lessons with Richard I had limited experience of driving, but Richard progressed my knowledge allowing me to pass first time. His friendly and calm manner made learning to drive a pleasure and his detailed records of each lesson made it easy to track my progress.

I would highly recommend Richard to anyone and feel he has made me a safe confident driver. Can't thank him enough!


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Rich helped so much to make me pass first time! He was a brilliant instructer who took everything at the speed I needed, because of this I made quick progress that exceeded my expectations. We had flexible driving hours that fitted with my schedule and were never rushed to finish anything.

Rich would always make sure I understood each part before we moved on and would make sure I didn't have any questions left unanswered. He created a very relaxed driving environment and understood my individual needs easily. Thanks again Rich!


I would recommend Rich to all anyone. I've always been very nervous, however Rich provided a calm environment for me to learn to drive and progress at my own pace. Every lesson he would ask if I had any questions and help me understand by drawing pictures of certain situations that I had come across. This allows you to look back over them in your spare time.

Without Rich I would have never been able to pass first time. On the day of my test, he provided me with a calm environment which I couldn't become worked up with. Thank you for helping me Rich :)


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Passed first time with only two minors!

I really enjoyed learning to drive with Rich.  He is calm and patient and lessons are set at your pace.  Rich will also go into much detail about your progress or how to perform certain manoeuvres with the aid of diagrams that will be given to you at the end of the lesson so that you can look over them. 

Thanks again Rich for making driving much easier than it could have been!


Being American, it is quite intimidating preparing for the UK full (manual) driving exam. Thankfully I had Richard give me the confidence I needed to pass on my first attempt! He is very understanding and knowledgeable throughout the lessons. He made me feel comfortable behind the wheel and gave great advice whenever I had an issue.

Thank you again for everything, Richard!


With Richard's help I was able to pass my test first time and with 0 minor faults. Richard has a very calm and rewarding teaching technique which always makes you feel confident as a new driver. He has flexible teaching hours and can facilitate for changes in your timetable, as a student. Richard is very good at answering questions, as well as elaborating on the question to provide additional support and information. I would highly recommend Richard to any new driver. Thank you for everything!!


Whether you’ve already had experience behind the wheel or you’re a nervous newcomer to driving, Rich will work with you at your own pace and listen to any questions you may have.  Before you know it, Rich’s brilliant knowledge and experience will have worked it’s magic and you’ll be holding your very own pass certificate. I cannot recommend Dual Driving School enough. Thanks for everything Rich!


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I would recommend learning to drive with Rich to anyone! He is extremely calm and positive which is a great confidence builder. He was very flexible when booking lessons, and those lessons were always enjoyable. Rich would always ensure I was comfortable with every aspect of my learning by asking if I had any questions, and we took the lessons at my own pace.

Thankyou for your help Rich! I really appreciate it!

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I appreciated Richard's calm and positive manner throughout my lessons.  He was very patient, repeating drills that were causing problems and offering lot of practical hints and tips for improvement.  Richard was transparent regarding timetabling and price and was able to meet/drop me at convenient locations.  It was down to his encouragement and super teaching manner that I passed first time with one minor fault.  Thank you Richard!


Managed to pass my driving test first time thanks to Rich. Every lesson Rich would ask me if I had any questions about driving  which I always would have, no matter how stupid or complicated the question was Rich would always help me understand the answer fully and to the best of his ability. I enjoyed lessons with Rich as it was a calm atmosphere and Rich always made me feel relaxed in every single one of my lessons. Rich also helped boost my confidence especially when coming up towards my test as if there was anything I found slightly tricky he would go over and over it until I fully understood and was happy with it.

I can't thank Rich enough for helping me and I will be recommending him to all learners!


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Rich is relaxed, clear in his approach, informative and very friendly.  I went from being a nervous learner with previous failures to passing thanks to his superb teaching.  He is an excellent teacher and I highly recommend him.
I was a complete novice and also very nervous before meeting Rich, but with his calm presence and excellent tuition I passed first time.

I would highly recommend Rich to all my friends and family.

Thank you Rich for your patience and for making the whole learning to drive experience fun.  But perhaps I should of taken more note on how to open the bonnet!

My son had no previous experience of driving and passed his test after only 13 lessons, 3 months after his 17th Birthday! Richard is a victim of his own success because his turnaround from novice to full licence holder is amazing! He is patient and relaxed and extremely knowledgeable. You will not regret learning to drive with Richard and Dual.

We have already booked up our son on Richard's Pass Plus course as this is also an amazing course at an outstanding price.


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I previously was with another instructor and had failed previous tests, however i was lacking confidence and needed to brush up on some things. I contacted Rich and he replied very quickly, sorted a first meeting and from the first lesson i felt a lot more confident about my driving ability due to his reassurance and positive help.

Lessons of his were well constructed and focused on specific maneuvers and skills that i needed to work on personally. Explanations of his were very helpful along with the diagrams he would draw if there was anything i was unsure about. Couldn't fault the help he gave me and also the positivity in every lesson to help build confidence and self-belief.

I also passed with one minor on my final test which was brought down by Rich's help from previous tests having occurred 7-11.

So happy that he helped me pass my test finally and would recommend him to anyone beginning to learn or needing to brush up their skills like me. Rich is very friendly, calm and seems to take a genuine interest in wanting his pupils to pass. Thankyou again, so happy!

Passed first time. I highly recommend Rich to friends and family members, he provides a calm learning environment and he causes you to you improve your driving skills every time you are out with him making lessons value for money. Thanks again Rich!

Having failed my driving test three times with a different driving school, I took a year's break from my lessons, and although my fails were mainly due to nerves on the day, I was still quite worried about getting behind the wheel again. But Rich was really patient and after a few lessons I felt a lot more confident. I received a lot of different advice and tips that I hadn't heard before and by the time my test came up, I felt very prepared, and I passed! 

Rich is a great instructor, and tailored my lessons to suit me. I always enjoyed my lessons, and would highly recommend Rich as an instructor. Thanks again!! 


Lessons were really relaxed and Richard was very patient and calm with mistakes in the early lessons. Lessons were planned out methodically and were easy to understand and follow, always felt safe in the car and lessons were conveniently slotted around me, being picked up for school and with them finishing at home.

Lessons moved on at a good pace that allowed me to pass first time in under 20 hours. Would definately recommend this driving school to others for great tuition from all aspects including theory to manoeuvres.


Passed second time with Rich! Had a great time learning to drive with him, very patient with nervous drivers as this was me to begin with. Rich will give you lots of advice on how to make driving easier for you. Rich is friendly and makes you feel like you are just driving with a friend rather than your instructor. Flexible when you needed dropping off somewhere after your lesson or getting lessons in a busy schedule.

Rich has taught me to be confident with driving and I'm thankful for that. Rich also offered to sit with me in my own car for some reassurance if I needed him to and I really thought that was nice of him.

I'm looking forward to doing my Pass-Plus with you in a few weeks!


I really enjoyed learning to drive with Rich. He is a great instructor, his teaching style really worked well and was extremely helpful - both in guiding me through the theory and the practical tests, each of which I passed first time.

I have already recommended Rich to friends and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again. Thank You!


Passed first time.

I would definitely recommend him as he is very patient with you and whatever mistakes you make, he explains things very well so that they are easy to understand and he'll take things at your pace so that you always feel comfortable. If you ever have any questions then he's all ears and will answer in a way that you'll never have to ask again!!

Thanks again for everything


Richard was a fantastic instructor! He's patient and teaches you about the car and that it really does just do what you tell it to do. He worked with me on building up my confidence in trusting the car and my ability to drive it. He also went through how the theory test worked and went through Hazard Perception with me to make sure I knew what I was doing. He's a great instructor at guiding you through the driving course and he makes sure that you're ready to take your test before you book it. Relying on Richard's opinion, I booked my test and felt more confident on the build up to the day. He made sure that I had covered every test route and was confident with all manoeuvres.

Thanks to Rich I PASSED FIRST TIME and had learnt from silly mistakes I had made on my mock test. If you're thinking of learning to drive and want an instructor who will build up your confidence, teach you how to drive and have a good chat during each lesson, Rich is your guy! I'm looking forward to booking my pass plus with him as I know I can rely on him to give me another good experience. Thanks for everything!


Rich is an excellent instructor! He goes at your own pace and is able to explain things in a variety of ways to help you understand and find the best and easiest way for you to learn. He built my confidence up during his lessons and was so calm and patient.

I am looking forward to my pass-plus lessons to gain more experience and knowledge. If you are a learner driver I would recommend Rich as your instructor!


Passed first time with only 4 minors!

Rich is a great instructor; friendly and patient. He helps you to become a confident driver and never makes you feel bad if you get things a bit wrong. He makes sure you take it at your own pace and every lesson was great value for money. Thanks Rich!


Passed with 4 minors. 

I have been through 3 instructors since I started in February (along with 5 different cars) and out of all of them I would recommend Richard. He is patient, friendly and will support you all the way up to your test. 

Thanks Richard for all the help.

Having failed my first driving test almost a year ago I was a little concerned about getting back on the road and having to fork out much more money for many more hours lessons. Richard was confident that he could have me test ready and passed in under 10 hours, and that's exactly what happened. Having spent 35+ hours with a BSM instructor I can certainly say that going independently (especially with Richard) is a very good idea, Richard is an incredibly competent instructor, and every lesson is worth the money paid. Richard provided the explanation and technique to instructing that was necessary for me to be able to pass my test is such a short amount of time with very limited experience.

If you're at all hesitant about starting lessons with Richard, I would personally thoroughly recommend him to all my friends & family who wished to learn how to drive (my sister is even learning with him now). I then went on to do Pass Plus with Richard, again, having spent only 6 hours on this course Richard had me feeling confident about motorway and town driving in such a short space of time. Brilliant instructor, go with Dual.


I was a very nervous learner and pretty terrified of driving to start with but Rich is a very patient and professional instructor who helped me to pass my test first time. I work full time and Rich was always very flexible and understanding so I could fit my lessons in around work and other commitments.

I would highly recommend learning to drive with Rich to everyone. I am so grateful to him for his time and expertise, thank you for your help achieving my goal!

Passed first time - phew! Rich is a fantastic instructor; explains things well and is very patient which made learning to drive very enjoyable. Absolute value for money with every lesson and a great car to learn in too! Thanks Rich :-)
Passed first time with only 1 minor. I would highly recommend Rich to anyone. He is very patient, friendly and always explained things in a easy manner. Thanks for all your help.
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Fantastic service and teacher. I passed first time after only 10 lessons. Rich was a patient and supportive instructor. Rich was extremely flexible with the times of my lessons which enabled me to fit them around family life easily. Will happily recommend Rich to anyone I know! Thanks for your patience and support Rich, wouldn't have passed without your ca approach.


Cheers rich you were a great instructor your lessons were extremely helpfully and I definitely got my money's worth. Your very patient and calm and you make things easy to understand I hope to do my pass plus with you and thank you for getting me through my test.


Rich has taught both my brother and I to drive, he is patient, supportive, encouraging, professional and friendly. I am so impressed with how quickly rich taught me to drive, every lesson was full of encouragement, he always showed up on time and was very flexible when it came to booking lessons.

Although passing my test was a huge achievement i will miss my lessons with rich as he became more of a friend than an instructor. Thanks rich for all your help i will certainly recommend you to everyone!!


Passed 1st time!

Highly impressed with the quality of tuition that I received, Rich is a great help, he works through everything at your pace and does not rush you into anything. Rich's method of tracking your progress is very helpful, as it allows you to see the progress you have made and the things you have yet to cover.

He is very easy to get along with and made the experience of learning to drive fun.

Awaiting Photo

Richard was a superb driving instructor. Very calm. You get exactly what you pay for, which is clear, helpful and knowledgeable advice to get you driving safely as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience.



I was almost slightly disappointed when I passed my driving test first time as it ment I wouldn't be having anymore lessons with Rich!

I actually looked forward too & really enjoyed learning to drive with him. Came to regard him as more of a friend towards the end.  

His calm & patient way of teaching was so reassuring. 

He gave very clear instructions & if I did do something wrong he would explain very clearly what I needed to do next time. During every lesson I became more confident in my ability to drive.  

He was flexible & fitted the lessons around me. He was never late & more than happy to pick me up or drop me off at different locations.

I already have, will & would highly recommend Rich as a driving instructor.

A massive THANK YOU for a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Thank you so much for helping me get from no driving experience or knowledge to passing my test with only three minors!

'I was unbelievably happy and surprised when I passed first time!! Rich is an absolutely ideal driving instructor for any kind of person. He’s patient, reliable, not pushy or scary and does a brilliant job of recording and keeping track of what you’ve done in previous lessons so that you know how you’re doing & what to progress to next.

I liked that everything was not only explained precisely and clearly, but put into visual form, with diagrams and help sheets you could take home with you to revise!

Rich was the second instructor I tried, and right from the first lesson I noticed how I felt much calmer and had fun learning to drive, instead of dreading it. 

Wouldn’t even hesitate to recommend to friends when they learn to drive.

Looking forward to doing my pass plus at some point in the near future with him.

Cheers Rich!'

Passed first time!! Amazing and patient instructor. Would recommend to anyone.
I really enjoyed learning to drive with Rich - every lesson is taken at the right pace; slow enough to learn everything thoroughly but quick enough to make it feel like you're improving every time you get in the car. You feel like your driving comes on leaps and bounds every week, but it's never as if you are being put out of your depth, which leads to a great sense of trust.
Many thanks Rich!

Your a calm, patient instructor and your easy to get along with. I really enjoyed all my lessons I had with you, and I'm really enjoying driving alot more now . Thankyou for all the effort and time you put in I very much appreciate it. :)

Although I was initially nervous about driving, I really enjoyed my lessons thanks to Rich's support and good sense of humour. I passed my test first time and would recommend Dual Driving School to anyone!

I have no qualms about recommending Rich to anyone and everyone! Passed 1st time and I know I would not have been able to do it without him!

Thank you for building my confidence and making driving fun for me!

Thank you so much for all your help and support the past year, plus I have enjoyed my lessons each week and will be odd not to have one each week. It still hasn't sunk in yet that I have passed. Thank you so much!
Passed 1st time.

Thanks for all your help, I learned more with Rich than I did in the many previous lessons I'd had and the results speak for themselves. I passed first time. I'd recommend you to anyone. Thanks again Rich.


Passed with only 1 minor.

Had a great time learning to drive with Rich who helped me enjoy driving and pass my test with confidence. Would recommend to anyone.

Passed today!
Passed 1st time with only one minor. Thanks Rich for the great tuition, brilliant instructor. Would definitely recommend!

Thank you for being so patient and supportive. It was really fun learning to drive with you.

Would recommend to anyone!


Thanks Rich, I couldn't have passed without you and your continued support. As a very nervous learner, Rich has helped me become more confident through his patient manner and good sense of humour!

Would recommend 100%.


Thank you so much for all your help, I could not have done it without you. Most patient instructor I could ask for, and you actually made driving fun. I will recommend you to everyone! Best instructor ever!

Passed 1st time.


Passed first time, thank you Rich for being patient, and supportive while I was learning to drive. Would definitely recommend you to anyone! 

Thanks again! 

Passed 1st time.

Thanks Rich, I couldn't have done it without you. You're a patient and dedicated teacher, and I would recommend you to anyone.

Passed 1st time.

Passed with only 1 minor.
Passed 1st time.
Passed with only 1 minor.

Learning to drive with Rich was a privilage, I didn't only learn I had fun too! I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Passed 1st time on the 7th June 2011.

Passed 1st time on the 20th May 2011 with only 1 minor.

Passed on the 19th May 2011.

Rich is the best driving instructor that I know. He helped me pass my driving test. I would highly recommend him to all the students learning to drive at Lackham College and urrounding areas and I will definately be considering doing my pass plus with him.

Thank you so much Rich for all your help, and the fendt vario looks great behind me. 

Passed 1st time on the 4th May 2011.

Excellent teacher. Teaches you at the right pace and helps every step of the way.

I passed 1st time on the 3rd May 2011.

No photo supplied
Rich is a great instructor, who gives clear instructions and is always helpful in answering any questions. Would recommend to anyone learning to drive. Thanks Rich for helping me pass first time!
Passed on the 2nd March 2011.

Rich is your ultimate instructor. The methodical type who knows exactly how to lead you to pass your driving test.

Very  clear and concise instructions that give you absolute confidence in his methods. Every manoeuver and routine is approached. From a practical point of view that gives you the fundamental reasoning behind it and yet taught in such a methodical way that you hardly get it wrong.

There is no trial and error involved. You are taught exactly how to do it. And you do it the same way all the time and you are guaranteed you will always get it right.

I will recommend him one million times if I’m asked  one million times.

Thank you Rich for helping me to pass first time. I would definitely recommend you to others.

I have really enjoyed my lessons with you. Thank you for teaching me to drive.!

Passed 1st time on the 17th November 2010.
Passed on 4th October 2010.

Passed 1st time on the 8th September 2010.

Thank you for your help, the semi-intensive lessons were brilliant, a real kick start to passing my test. Definately recommend to others.

Thank you again.
Passed 28th June 2010.

I passed my test on the 14th June 2010. I would like to thank Rich for all his help and support!

Would recommend..

I passed 1st time on the 18th June 2010 with only 2 minors!

I would recommend Rich, as he is friendly and supportive. He was very
reliable and always clearly explained everything to me.

I was very nervous when first starting to learn, but Rich helped me
overcome this and pass my test 1st time!!


Thank you for your help. I passed 1st time on the 26th March 2010.

Rich was a great help and explained everything clearly so I found it easy to learn.


Thanks Rich, I passed 1st time with only 2 minors. Still can't believe it!

I would have no hesitation in recommending Rich to anyone. 1st class!

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssss Thanks Rich!!!!

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